1. houseofalexzander:

    Light to Dark.

    Autumn is fast approaching which means its time for a transformation!
    For as long as I can remember, I have changed with the seasons.
    Not necessarily just my wardrobe but my emotions are a bit different as well. I am particularly excited about this Fall season because I feel that I have grown tremendously since last year.

    This photo set begins with my last few outfits of the summer, then leads you into just a little taste of what my followers can expect to see this Fall/Winter season. I want to use deep hair, lip & nail colors to accent a dark and mysterious wardrobe. Focusing on cosmetics & shoes, my goal is to address the issues gender variant individuals might face this season when buying clothes and cosmetics tailored for a binary gendered society.
    A few topics include facial hair & how I maintain it for make up application, as well as how AFAB can grow facial hair without taking hormones! A shoe guide that connects you with affordable brands that offer trendy shoe styles in sizes 11 & higher! Last but not least, I will begin making the lip colors & nail colors I wear in my fashion post available to you via my Thrift Store! A few other things will take place this fall, but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out!
    Along with elevating my style, I also am striving to elevate the presence of House of Alexzander. I’m excited and anticipating a great Season ahead!

    Much love,
    -Elliott Alexzander

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  2. 4dffrntclrdpersonas:

    First day of school: Heterochromia Goddess

  3. beezhappeez:

    Sometimes I like to dress up and take selfies because I think its good for the confidence. 

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    File under: Androgyny, Women, Blazers, Elbow patch, Bow ties, Denim, Boots


  5. marquimode:


    I got bored, So I took photos of myself and my outfit :]


    Hat: American Rag (I got it for like $2) 
    Shirt: Old Navy
    Sweater: H&M
    Pants: Karen T
    Shoes: Goodwill (idk the brand)
    Bag: Steve Madden
    Necklace: Charlotte Russe

    Oh hey, it’s me.

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  6. onejiveturkey:

    “Fashion fades, only style stays the same.”



  7. revelioh-deactivated20140420 said: my school ball is coming up the themE is great gatsby and I maybe wanna wear a tux but idk any ideas???

    If you want to wear a tux, go for it! Also here is some inspiration for men’s fashion in the 1920s if you want to try something a little different.


    Slicked-back hair, striped suit jackets, bowties, and pocket handkerchiefs are all recognizable features of menswear from that era. Have fun!

  9. mylifeasaweapon:

    Genderfuckery and thinly veiled hooker loki references abound!
    And also I couldn’t bring myself to shop those shoes clean.

    Anyways, God of Metanoia - flux, fluidity, the rise and fall of dysphoria giving way to something akin to self love and self acceptance, truth in falsities, appearance as a means to an end - comfort, acceptance.

    Photography by Dragon Pancake Studios

    Model/edit: Loki (https://www.facebook.com/littlelostalien)

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    I never even



    How did they get away with that



    What do you mean how did they get away with it?

    History isn’t one straight line progressing towards a liberal society.

    Look how much Americans attitudes have changed between 1980 and today. 1980 was the first time most very religious people voted, they abstained before that at the behest of their churches. Now they dictate policy at every election.

    In my family photo album there are pictures from the 20s of a woman called ‘uncle bob’. She dressed in men’s clothing, and had a ‘companion’. This was a rough industrial town, they were working class, nobody cared. It was her business.

    This is why politics is important - the moment you think everything is better today than it was in the past, you let other people take control of the direction society goes in - with you sitting back presuming we’re going forwards.

    reblogging for the commentary

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